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Defect Metrology

200mm Sheet or Patterned wafers measured for defects.

  • Wafers measured on KLA2139 brightfield, AITxp or SP-1 defect measurement tool.
  • Defect Review with Optical Microscope and SEM images provided for defect classification.
  • 90nm Device Fab Yield Engineer classifications of defects based on fab's defect library.
  • Sample Report available by request, or login to download
  • EDX chemical constituent analysis available
  • AFM defect morphology analysis available

Thin Film Measurement Services

Measurement services for transparent film stacks or metal films.

Wafer Cut Down Services

Resize wafers from 200mm or 300mm to smaller based on your specification.

  • Wafers are precision cut, with the edges rounded and smoothed.

200mm Profilometry

Veeco Vx 200mm Atomic Force Profilometry

  • High resolution dishing and erosion measurements from industry standard tool set.

CMP Polishing 300mm

CMP Polishing Services available from 4 through 12 inch wafers. Please Inquire.

Please Inquire about 300mm Metrology Services

300mm Metrology Services available, please inquire for more information.

CMP Polishing 200mm

CMP Polishing Services available from 4 through 12 inch wafers. Please Inquire.

  • Applied Materials Mirra 200mm, IPEC 472, Ebara FREX 200mm all available for your polishing needs

200mm Fab Services

Full 200mm 90nm Cu/Low-k fab available for your testing needs

  • Many process modules available. Etch, 193nm Lithography, CMP, Metallizaiton, Thin Films etc...

Electrical Testing

Measurement of the resistance and capacitance for metalized wafers.

  • Report with all data summarized graphically.
  • Report grouping is configurable by the customer.
  • Probe cards and recipes available for all Silyb pattern wafers, inquire for other pattern wafer designs
  • Contact us for sample reports, or login to download.

AITxp with SEM review on Patterned Wafers

300mm Defect Capture and Review on Cu, W or STI wafers. Report with 50 classified optical and SEM images included.

  • EDX chemical constituent analysis available
  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) defect morphology analysis available.

Thin Film Measurement

KLA F5x measurement services

  • Provides correlation, qualification or general thin film measurement support


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